PondNet survey options

Picture3There are opportunities for anyone and everyone to get involved in PondNet.

Following extensive trials and feedback from volunteers, we have developed surveys to match different levels of skill and to match the different interests of our volunteers.

NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE REQUIRED – with a little training anyone can get involved in PondNet

If you’re new to biological recording or want to tackle something you’ve never done before, pick one of these surveys which requires no previous experience. We will provide all the information you need and training either online or through one-day training sessions. Click on the links below to find out more about each survey and to download the survey forms and extra information.


Pond Habitat survey form

Pond habitat survey manual



Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 13.27.54COMMON TOAD AND FROG SURVEY

Toad and Frog survey form

Toad and Frog “How to survey” presentation

Toad and Frog ID presentation

Toad and Frog “How to…” video

Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Amphibian ID sheet (2014)


Research Library

GREAT CRESTED NEWT eDNA SURVEY – Survey confirmed for 2017 survey season – no more volunteers required.

eDNA survey form

eDNA method protocol

eDNA “How to…” video



Brown Galingale survey form

Coral Necklace survey form

Coral Necklace species information sheet

Fairy Shrimp survey form

Chirocephalus diaphanus - Jean-François CART 2007Greater Water-parsnip survey form

Greater Water-parsnip species information sheet

Medicinal Leech survey form

Pillwort survey form

Pond Mud Snail survey form

mud-snail-at-lane-end-1-fdPond Mud Snail ID presentation

Pond Mud Snail species information sheet

Further Pond Mud Snail information; for BugLife’s Pond Mud Snail management sheet, click here

Starfruit survey form

Tadpole Shrimp survey form

np009_medicinal-leech_copyright-neil-phillipsThree-lobed Water-crowfoot survey form

Three-lobed Water-crowfoot species information sheet

Three-lobed Water-crowfoot ID presentation

Tubular Water-dropwort survey form

Yellow Centaury survey form


PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE REQUIRED – in these surveys we are looking for people with some previous experience, but we also offer additional training and support

If you have some previous experience of recording amphibians, plants, invertebrates or adult dragonflies, we are looking for individuals or groups to undertake surveys on a limited number of ponds. We provide information on the standardised methodologies we are using, and bespoke training and mentoring to help up-skilling. Click on the links below to find out more about each survey and to download the survey forms and extra information.


Great Crested Newt survey form

Great Crested Newt “How to” presentation

Great Crested Newt ID presentation

Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Amphibian ID sheet (2014)



Wetland plants survey form – English species names listed alphabetically

Wetland plants survey form – Latin species names listed alphabetically

Draft Wetland Plant ID Guide



Invertebrate families survey form

Invertebrate sampling instructions

Surveying for macroinvertebrates presentation



Adult Dragonfly survey form

Dragonfly monitoring scheme survey manual

British Dragonfly Society ID Help Page


If you are interested in our PondNet surveys but do not have the confidence to sign up, perhaps you would like to try your hand at completing a Big Pond Dip. For more information, click here