Do you share our passion for freshwater?

Could you help us reverse the decline in freshwater biodiversity? Grab your wellies and get involved by becoming a Freshwater Habitats Trust volunteer.

There are many ways you can help us to make a difference for freshwater wildlife

We hold regular citizen science surveys, which give you the opportunity to gather data on freshwater plants and animals, as well as water quality. Many of our volunteers also take part in our projects across the UK and we run regular events and training sessions relating to freshwater ecology.

If you want to run your own freshwater surveys, our Survey Methods Hub could help.

Strings of Common Toad spawn under water.
Volunteer surveys

Get involved in one of our citizen science projects.

Survey Methods Hub
Three women holding plants in pots, standing outside a greenhouse

Take an active role in restoring historic freshwaters and wetlands by growing a rare plant.

Child pond dipping
Urban Pond Count

Help us estimate the number of ponds in England, so we can help protect them and the species they support.

Urban Pond Count
Two women sitting in front of a pond, looking at a clipboard.
Priority Pond Assessment Survey (PASS)

Identify a priority pond by filling out a simple form.

Aerial view of alkaline fen with people raking and scything and electricity pylon.
The Oxfordshire Fens Project

Join one of our working parties and help us restore Oxfordshire’s alkaline fens.

Oxfordshire Fens project
People sitting together on the grass, with trees behind.
Volunteer days

Check our events page for volunteer days and working parties.

Chess Priority Ponds

Help us locate the most important wildlife ponds in this catchment in the Chilterns.

Chess Priority Ponds