Freshwater wildlife is declining at an alarming rate. We're committed to changing that.

Freshwater Habitats Trust is the UK’s leading charity for all freshwaters. We’ve been creating, restoring and protecting high quality habitats for freshwater wildlife for more than 30 years. Through conducting scientific research, carrying out practical conservation work and influencing policy, we’re dedicated to reversing the long decline in freshwater biodiversity.

The charity for all freshwaters

Together, our streams, ponds, wetlands, lakes, rivers and ditches create a network that supports freshwater wildlife. The healthy functioning of this network is essential for biodiversity and our own health and wellbeing. That’s why our work encompasses the whole freshwater environment. It’s also why we’re building the Freshwater Network: a national network of wilder, wetter, cleaner, connected freshwaters, to reverse the decline in freshwater biodiversity.

The Freshwater Network
Aerial view of a landscape, including a meandering river and newly dug ponds.

Speaking up for small waters

Small waters, including ponds and wetlands, are a critically important but undervalued part of the freshwater network. Together, they support more biodiversity than large water bodies and, because they are easier to create and restore, represent an opportunity for us to provide habitats for wildlife as we adapt to climate change.

We’re recognised internationally for our scientific expertise and practical experience in pond creation. And we’re also known for speaking out for small waters and fighting for their protection, nationally and globally.

Our policy work
Pond with vegetation and trees behind.

Making a difference for freshwater wildlife

Creating, restoring and managing freshwater habitats is our passion. In partnership with other charities, landowners and land managers we use the latest scientific evidence to ensure our practical conservation work delivers real benefits for wildlife. We have projects across England and Wales, focused on protecting freshwater habitats and species and engaging people in wildlife conservation.

Our projects