Freshwater Habitats Trust organisational strategy 2020 to 2035

Read our 15-year strategy.

Find out about our vision for the future – and what we plan to do to get there.



Freshwater Habitats Trust organisational strategy 2020-2035
Team photo of Freshwater Habitats Trust staff

The Freshwater Network: wilder, wetter, cleaner, connected

Discover how, with our partners, we’re building a network of wilder, wetter, cleaner, connected habitats for freshwater wildlife.

Our ambitious vision to create The Freshwater Network will help us in our goal of reversing the decline in freshwater biodiversity.


Aerial view of a landscape, including a meandering river and newly dug ponds.

Pond Conservation annual reports and accounts

Prior to September 2013, Freshwater Habitats Trust was called Pond Conservation.