Generating knowledge to reverse the decline in freshwater biodiversity

As an evidence-based wildlife conservation charity, it’s essential that we generate new knowledge about freshwater habitats and the species they support. Our programme of research and monitoring activity ensures that our practical conservation work is based on science.

Discover our research and monitoring projects

Our national and international scientific research and monitoring projects are helping to further our understanding of freshwater habitats and species.

Woman on inflatable kayak with clipboard on a pond.
PONDERFUL - EU Horizon 2020

Freshwater Habitats Trust is a partner in this international consortium, investigating the role of ponds in climate change adaptation.

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Pond with tree reflected on the water, blue sky behind.
Water Friendly Farming

We’re working with the University of York, Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust and Environment Agency in this long-running demonstration site project.

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Medicinal leech.
Medicinal Leech Recovery Project

Our collaborative recovery project is helping to stop one of Britain’s endangered species from going extinct.

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Hand wearing blue glove holding an eDNA test kit with a field behind.
PondNet eDNA surveys

We’re using pioneering Environmental DNA (eDNA) monitoring techniques to monitor Great Crested Newts and other aquatic animals in key locations across England.

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Urban Pond Count

Through this citizen science monitoring project, we’re estimating the number of ponds in England, so we can help protect them and the species they support.

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Aerial view of field with large holes dug in the ground for new ponds. River and trees behind.
Pitsford Water Friendly Farming

This collaborative project is helping us to understand how we can protect and enhance the freshwater environment at a catchment scale by using landscape-wide mitigation measures.

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