Create a pond for wildlife

Want to do one thing to dramatically increase wildlife? Create a pond!

Whether it’s in a garden, a meadow, a wood, or a moor, creating a pond is one of the very best thing you can do to boost biodiversity.  On floodplains, around gravel pits, or simply in a tub on the patio, creating a pond will bring more wildlife – and great pleasure.

We’ve used our years of experience and research to bring you evidence-based advice on creating ponds for wildife.

Create countryside ponds

Use the Pond Creation Toolkit to create ponds that make a real difference for freshwater biodiversity.

Use the Pond Creation Toolkit
Garden pond with plants in the foreground and sheds behind.
Create a garden pond

Access our free advice and resources to make a garden pond for wildlife.

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Buy the Pond Book

Get the most comprehensive guide available for the creation and management of wildlife ponds.

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Guide to the restoration, creation and management of ponds

Created with UCL, with support from Natural England, this guide gives practical advice on bringing ponds to life.