The Priority Pond Assessment (PASS) system has been developed to provide a way to rapidly identify whether a pond is likely to qualify as a priority pond.

The system uses physical variables, such as the land use around the pond, to predict whether the pond would be likely to have priority status if it was surveyed using the biological criteria traditionally used to identify priority ponds.

How to do a PASS survey

PASS can be used to assess ponds in England and Wales, using survey data collected during the period from early summer (mid-June) through to early autumn (beginning of October). This is when most wetland plants are visible in ponds. Please ensure you have landowner permission before surveying a pond.

This survey is not intended for garden ponds.

Before you visit your pond please download and read the PASS Method Guide or watch the video presentation (below).

Please enter your data into the PASS survey form below. Once you have entered, you will get an immediate result for your pond. You can print out the PASS field sheet to complete at the pond and then enter data online when you get home, or you can enter data directly into the form.

For more information on how this method was developed see our PASS Manual.

Two women sitting in front of a pond, looking at a clipboard.

PASS survey form