Help us map amphibian breeding activity across the UK

It’s easy to take part in the PondNet Spawn Survey and anyone can get involved. Simply log your sightings of Common Frog and Common Toad spawn to help us learn more about amphibian breeding activity across the UK.

About the PondNet Spawn Survey

The PondNet Spawn Survey maps the sightings of Common Frog and Common Toad spawn across the country to better understand how amphibians use different types of waterbodies to breed.

Freshwater Habitats Trust runs the PondNet Spawn survey from December to May. With your help, we can collect important data on the location of breeding frogs and toads. To take part, record Common Frog or Common Toad spawn spotted in garden ponds or any ponds, ditches or puddles you come across in your adventures in the countryside. We’d also love you to share your sighting on social media, using the hashtag #SpawnSurvey


Strings of Common Toad spawn under water.

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