Saving local rare and endangered wetland plants

Local people are helping us to save historic wetland and freshwater habitats by growing rare wetland plants at home, at school and in community centres.

GroWet Team

The GroWet plants are happy in small spaces, even on windowsills. And, when they’re strong enough, they’ll be going back into the wild to help us restore and regenerate Oxfordshire’s incredible wetlands and freshwater habitats.

Working together to conserve Oxfordshire's historic wetlands and freshwaters

Through GroWet, we’re working with local horticulturalists at Oxford Botanic Garden and Arboretum to:

  • Propagate some of Oxfordshire’s most endangered wetland plants.
  • Engage over 1,000 people, especially people living in urban areas with little access to nature, to grow Oxfordshire’s endangered wetland plants at home.
  • Introduce the propagated plants to high quality freshwater and wetland habitats.
Two women wearing white teeshirts, standing outside. One handing a plant in a pot to the other.

GroWet in Oxfordshire, how did it work?

1 Getting plants to our volunteers

Our volunteers collected their plant packs from one of our GroWet Community Hubs based around Oxfordshire. The packs contained GroWet seedlings, adult plants or seeds and all the materials and information needed to care for the plant at home.

2 Nurturing plants in the community

Our volunteers looked after the plants at home and in community centres over the summer. We kept in touch with them, offering tips and advice along the way. Volunteers posted their progress on social media, using the hashtag #GroWet.

3 Back to the wild

In the autumn, we collected the plants and introduced them to wild locations across Oxfordshire with the help of our volunteers. The plants would once have been plentiful at these freshwater and wetland sites but are now in decline. By reintroducing them, we hope they can once again establish and restore Oxfordshire’s historic wetlands.

Our 2024 Buckinghamshire expansion

We are excited to announce that GroWet is expanding into Buckinghamshire this year! See below for more information on how you can get involved.

GroWet for Buckinghamshire schools and community groups

Schools and community groups in Buckinghamshire can now help to stop the ongoing decline of Buckinghamshire’s rare wetland plants by growing on seeds and seedlings into mature plants ready to go back into the wild. This offers a hands-on approach to learning about plant life, ecology and freshwater environments, while taking part in active conservation work.

We are now inviting schools to register their interest. Activities are suitable for ages five upwards, and can be tailored depending number of students, year group and available timescales.

Register your interest
Two boys wearing white school shirts, standing in a garden holding potted plants.

GroWet schools' pack

Learn the many ways that your school can get involved in GroWet and help to stop the decline of rare and endangered wetland plants!

Read first

GroWet was originally created in 2022 as part of our project Building Oxfordshire’s Freshwater Network. Find out more in this article from CJS.

About the GroWet plants

Here are the wetland plants we’re working on during the project. Follow the links to learn about each species’ ecology and propagation.