Freshwater invertebrate families survey

Our freshwater invertebrate families survey works by collecting a timed sample using a hand-net. The sample is taken home to sort through carefully and identify animals to family level.

This survey is suitable for experienced entomologist who can identify pond animals to family level.

The survey needs considerable time commitment. An average sized pond will take between 40 minutes and one hour to sample, but longer if the pond is large. Sorting through the pond sample to identify animals at family level will usually take at least six hours.

Adult dragonflies survey

Adult dragonfly surveys involve visiting a single pond, five times per year in the summer season to identify and record adult dragonflies seen on a walk around the pond.

Dragonflies can be tricky to identify on the wing, so it’s valuable to have previous experience.  An average sized pond will take around 45 min to survey, but longer if the pond is large.

Freshwater invertebrates - rare species surveys

The aim of the freshwater invertebrate rare species surveys is to find out if invertebrate species that are now rare and restricted, are still present at ponds where they were previously recorded.

You don’t need to have previous experience of pond surveys. The time needed for the survey will vary depending on the species, but it will take around an hour to search your main pond and fill-in the survey sheet, and if relevant, 20 to 30 minutes per pond to quickly check other sites nearby.