Wetland plant survey

The wetland plant survey aims to list all wetland plant species present at single ponds during the summer months (June-September).

You need to be an experienced botanist to carry out this survey. An average sized pond should take 40 minutes to one hour to survey, but longer if the pond is large.

Wetland plants survey form English species names listed alphabetically
Wetland plants survey form Latin species names listed alphabetically

Freshwater plants - rare species survey resources

The aim of the freshwater plant rare species surveys is to find out if plant species that are now rare and restricted, are still present at ponds where they were previously recorded.

You don’t need to have previous experience of pond surveys. The time needed for the survey will vary depending on the species, but it will take around an hour to search your main pond and fill-in the survey sheet, and if relevant, 20 to 30 minutes per pond to quickly check other sites nearby.