Rare plant & animal surveys for PondNet

The aim of the Rare plant & animal survey is to find out if plant or animal species that are now rare and restricted, are still present at ponds where they were previously recorded. 


You can choose any one of 10 rare plant or animal species to survey in 2015, with 20 more added over 2016 and 2017. They include plants like Yellow Centaury, Pillwort and animals like Fairy Shrimp, Pondweed Leafhopper and Medicinal Leech.


You don’t need to have previous experience of pond surveys. We can provide training or mentoring to help you identify and survey these rare species with confidence.

The time needed for the survey will vary depending on the species, but normally it will take around 1hr to search your main pond and fill-in the survey sheet, and if relevant,  20-30 mins per pond to quickly check other sites nearby.


  • Look at our online information and download the survey forms.
  • Survey your rare species at its focal pond, estimating its abundance and completing the environmental data form. Check other nearby ponds quickly to see if it is also present in the surrounds.
  • Enter your records online.

Find everything you need to join in on our Volunteer Starter Pack and PondNet Survey Option pages.

Contact us for further information: peoplepondswater@freshwaterhabitats.org.uk