If you’ve found a potential priority pond, you can submit your record and add it to the priority ponds map. Mapping priority ponds (a habitat of principle concern) helps agencies, organisations and individuals to protect and enhance ponds and the critical freshwater wildlife they support.

How to record a priority pond

1 Ensure your pond qualifies

Ensure that your pond qualifies as a priority pond on the basis of at least one of the priority pond criteria.

You will be asked for supporting information to help validated your record before it is accepted. This could include, for example: expert knowledge or verification, photos or species lists.

2 Sign-up

Sign-up to add your record.

3 Identify the location

Identify the location of the pond by clicking on the map.

4 Add your data

Fill in the dialogue boxes to enter your data relating to the priority pond criteria.

Get involved

Help us map the country’s priority ponds to provide more protection for these important wildlife habitats.

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Priority ponds partners and funders

Freshwater Habitats Trust is mapping England’s priority ponds with our partners and funders.