Habitat surveys

The habitat surveys for PondNet aim to collect environmental data from all survey ponds in pre-selected 1km square between June and September.



You don’t need any previous experience to undertake this pond survey. And you can learn all the skills needed from our information sheets, and online video. An average sized pond will take around 30-40 min to survey, but longer if the pond is large.


  • Look at our habitat manual on our PondNet Survey Option page, and download the survey form.
  • Undertake a visual search of ponds in your square from June to September, filling out as much of the survey data on the form as possible.
  • Enter your records online.

Find everything you need to join in on our Volunteer Starter Pack and PondNet Survey Option pages.

Contact us for further information: peoplepondswater@freshwaterhabitats.org.ukPicture3