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Penny and Katie on climate march 29Nov2015

Climate Change

Climate Change is becoming one of the main concerns for freshwater life. Local extinctions have already happened in the UK and the longer term effects could be bleak. We’re working to promote creation of high quality habitat networks that will enable freshwater wildlife to adapt and move in response to climate change. More…



Fracking picture_copyright Simon Fraser, Flickr Creative Commons

copyright Simon Fraser, Flickr Creative Commons


Fracking in the UK has the potential to pollute and drain important freshwater habitats and contribute to climate change. Find out more about our policy on fracking and why it’s important to say NO to fracking in our most important wild places. More…


WFF page in text image_web Jan2016Natural Flood Defences

Here’s our position on the floods, natural land management and freshwater biodiversity. More…



FHT launch_boat and big ben_policy position webBrexit – leaving the EU

We are working with the Wildlife and Countryside Link to try and get the best for freshwater as the government adjusts to life without Europe. You can see more on the WCL website here…


new-clean-water-pond-to-provide-high-quality-unpolluted-freshwater-habitat-in-the-stonton-brook-catchmentSustainable Farming and land use

Environmental legislation is at a crossroads and as we leave the European Union we have the chance to reshape the way we govern this so that it is fair to farmers, cost effective to the tax payer and of benefit to nature. We aim to help shape this as part of the coalition Wildlife and Countryside Link. You can see the briefing document for policy makers here…


We base our policies and actions on evidence that we and others have gathered about how freshwater habitats work and where we can put our resources to best use. Take a look at the projects and research we are carrying out.

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