Saving Nidderdale’s Priority Ponds

The Freshwater Habitats Trust has joined forces with Nidderdale AONB to undertake a new project to save priority ponds from being degraded and lost across the area. Thanks to generous funding through Yorkshire Water’s Biodiversity Programme, ‘Saving Nidderdale’s Priority Ponds’ will build on the success of Nidderdale’s AONB’s previous project ‘The Wild Watch’ (2017-2019)

The key priority of the project is to survey and map the AONB’s network of ponds, using various citizen science initiatives to gather important data and engage local people. ‘Clean Water for Wildlife’ will use rapid water quality test kits to raise awareness of the true extent of nutrient pollution, and identify clean water habitats in the Nidderdale area. Surveys will also be carried out to identify key species present in ponds across the landscape, focusing on priority species such as common toad.

Workshops, activities and events for families, including curriculum linked schools’ engagement, will be provided. Survey results will be mapped to identify priority ponds within the area, with the aim of best focusing future conservation management practices and new pond creation.

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