PondNet Spawn Survey 2017

Our PondNet Spawn Survey has had a really enthusiastic response.  We are really enjoying all the photos and comments people are sharing on Facebook, on Twitter, and on the survey webpage

Patrick Doyle shared this fab photo with us, capturing a very pleased looking frog with the first spawn of the season

Patrick Doyle shared this fab photo with us, capturing a very pleased looking frog with the first spawn of the season.

The Spawn Survey is part of PondNet, a national volunteer survey to collect information about trends in pond quality and pond species. It’s the first habitat-based volunteer survey network of its kind. It aims to provide much-needed information about the condition of ponds and the species they support.

from Louise Williams

Louise Williams sent us this pic of frogspawn amongst Starworts with her Spawn Survey sighting.

The Spawn Survey is a simple activity that everyone can get involved with. We want to know the whereabouts of spawn of the Common Frog and Common Toad. We are running it from February to May this year, so even if you are too late to see the spawn, you can tell us about the tadpoles or adult frogs and toads you see.

Rachel Lacey

Rachel Lacey sent us this lovely pic of a busy and bustling pond.

People are sharing their spawn sightings on Facebook and Twitter, using the hashtag #SpawnSurvey.

So far, records are coming mainly from south west England and south Wales. This is the same pattern we see every year. As milder weather in the south and west of the country slowly spreads north and east, so the spawn sightings will too.

Spawn Survey records up to 26th February 2016

Spawn Survey records we received up to 26th February 2017.

Most records are of frog spawn, with only a handful of toad spawn sightings so far. Again this is following the usual pattern. Frogs start spawning earlier in the season than toads. Toads have started their journeys to breeding ponds, and we expect to hear of more toad spawn sightings in the next few weeks.

Julia Coad and Rob Parsons

Julia Coad and Rob Parsons spotted both frog and toad spawn in their pond in Devon.

The spawning season has only just begun, so we’re expecting even more reports and photos over coming weeks. If you are out and about and spot some spawn, tell us about it!

Tell us about the spawn you see on the Spawn Survey webpage

And join the discussions on Facebook or Twitter, using #SpawnSurvey so we can find your posts.


8 responses to “PondNet Spawn Survey 2017”

  1. We had our first batch of frogspawn on the 2nd February, and then the cold weather came. The frogspawn survived

  2. I seem to be the only pond in Scotland so far with frog spawn. When I posted my results I had four lots of spawn. Now have eight but have still not seen even one frog.
    I have two small wildlife ponds in my very small garden but all the spawn so far is in one pond.

    • We’re not really promoting the survey in Scotland, so we don’t expect to get many reports from people north of the border. But it’s great to have your record – thank you! Please do enter another record to reflect the latest arrivals if you want to.

  3. Frog spawn in ponds at Nature Reserve Abingdon between Radley Road & Audlett Drive, Nature Reserve looked after by Earth Trust and manintaed by volunteers.

  4. I am inundated with frogs in my greater Manchester home, the pond 4 feet deep 7 by 5 foot in breeding season has a healthy 50-60 frogs , now after spawning and the becoming the usual no rainfall spring … the frogs have not left the pond but have eaten the tadpoles and competing for scarcer resources ,,, looking skinny and malnourished .I have never used any weed killers in the garden since inhabiting the property . for the past 10 years… I am alarmed by the seeming collapse in amphibian health , as I am noticing the same unhealthy frogs in other locations in my local .

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