27th April 2017

Can your school help discover clean water habitats in Wales?

We’re looking for schools to help discover clean water habitats in Wales – can you help? Clean Water habitats, free from nutrient pollution, are the best sites for freshwater biodiversity. They support the healthiest communities and some of our rarest plants and animals. The Clean Water for Wildlife project, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund […]

25th April 2017

Living Waters in the New Forest

Living Waters: a New Forest Catchment Partnership project to protect and restore freshwater wildlife in the River Beaulieu catchment The freshwaters of the New Forest – the rivers, small streams, ditches, mires and a multitude of ponds – is one of the most important freshwater areas in lowland England. These places support outstanding wildlife – there […]

20th April 2017

BDS Variable Damselfly Survey

What’s happening to the Variable Damselfly? Is it declining or under-recorded? Could water quality be part of the story? Genevieve Dalley from the British Dragonfly Society explains, and asks you to help There are many creatures in nature whose name reflects the species perfectly, not least in the world of dragonflies. It is easy to […]

18th April 2017

Flagship Focus: The Lizard, Cornwall

Our series about the wonderful Flagship Pond sites continues – with an introduction to some special sites on The Lizard from our regional officer Fran Dunn The Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall is the southernmost part of mainland Britain. It’s an area of heathland and rocky coastline, known for its beautiful scenery. The peninsula is part of […]

4th April 2017

Pond advice on the Green Gardens blog

It’s #CharityTuesday, and our pond advice is featured on the Green Gardens blog The Green Gardens blog interviewed us about the advice we share about making and mending ponds. Take a look at the interview here. People up and down the country are taking a lot of interest in ponds right now. The weather is good, plants are growing […]

9th March 2017

Great Crested Newts: a new beginning for protecting a special animal

Dr Jeremy Biggs comments on the big changes to how Great Crested Newts are being protected from development Great Crested Newts are spectacular and beautiful amphibians. They are also given a very high level of protection in Britain’s laws which make it an offence to injure individual animals or damage their habitats. Like most freshwater […]

Flagship Ponds – the best of the best but still under threat

Dr Jeremy Biggs, Director of Freshwater Habitats Trust, raises concerns over the future of Flagship Ponds, the best of the best of Britain’s ponds Flagship Ponds are the best of Britain’s ponds, places of exceptional importance for freshwater wildlife, and some of our finest freshwater habitats. The Flagship sites can be a single special pond, […]