27th November 2018

New Forest Catchment Partnership Water Forum 2018

Naomi Ewald reports back on the New Forest Water Forum from last week On behalf of the Freshwater Habitats Trust and the New Forest National Park Authority, a big thank you to all the attendees, speakers and helpers at November’s New Forest Catchment Partnership Water Forum event. The New Forest Catchment Partnership came into being […]

National Trust shines a light on small waters within the Estate

The National Trust has a vision, outlined in their 10 year strategy; to halt biodiversity loss and restore the parts of the natural environment, some 250,000 ha of land, freshwater ponds and streams, that are in its care This includes some notable freshwater sites, many of which have already been recognised as nationally important Flagship […]

20th November 2018

Do something for Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday, on the 27th November, is about doing something for a cause that means something to you. We’ve put together some suggestions that would make a difference for freshwater wildlife Here at Freshwater Habitats Trust, we’ve been protecting freshwater wildlife for thirty years. We’ve only been able to achieve what we have because of […]

8th November 2018

Protect Water – take action now

With our partners in Wildlife and Countryside Link, we have launched a new campaign and we need your help – our waters are in danger! The European Commission could soon weaken the protection of our waters, rivers, lakes and streams at the urging of lobbying by businesses and from some EU Member States. These weakened laws […]

11th October 2018

Cothill Fen: Keeping it clean! 2018

How volunteers are protecting Cothill Fen from the growing tide of water pollution Cothill Fen, just south of Oxford, is a special place. It is internationally important, a rare alkaline fen, home to many sensitive freshwater plants and animals. But surrounded by land used intensively by humans, it’s under threat. Habitats like Cothill Fen develop […]

14th August 2018

Clean Water Quest: where is the clean water in the Thame catchment?

We need to know where water is polluted, but we also need to know where the clean water is, so we can protect it and extend it. Here’s news from Hannah Worker of River Thame Conservation Trust on the results of the waterblitz earlier this summer This summer residents, groups and communities were enlisted across […]

1st May 2018

Flagship Focus: Langham Pond 2018

Langham Pond, at Runnymede, is a wonderfully rich Flagship Pond with a long history and some very rare inhabitants Runnymede, managed by the National Trust, has three main ponds that all lie along the line of an ancient braided channel of the River Thames. That channel was abandoned sometime in the last 500 years and […]