1st May 2018

Flagship Focus: Langham Pond

Langham Pond, at Runnymede, is a wonderfully rich Flagship Pond with a long history and some very rare inhabitants Runnymede, managed by the National Trust, has three main ponds that all lie along the line of an ancient braided channel of the River Thames. That channel was abandoned sometime in the last 500 years and […]

26th April 2018

Flagship Focus: Little Wittenham

The People, Ponds and Water project may be over, but our passion for Flagship Ponds continues. Here’s an introduction to Little Wittenham Flagship Pond site, a special place in Oxfordshire for Great Crested Newts Little Wittenham Wood is part of a protected area managed by Oxfordshire charity Earth Trust. The ponds and woodland are a […]

30th March 2018

Rewilding water

By Jeremy Biggs. A recent Twitter thread here prompted some discussion about what kind of landscapes make for good quality freshwaters. I promised a few more thoughts that needed a bit more than 280 characters… A recent Twitter thread here prompted some discussion about what kind of landscapes make for good quality freshwaters. So my […]

17th March 2018

People, Ponds and Water Champions!

As our People, Ponds and Water project draws to a close, there a few people we’d like to mention… There’s a reason why ‘people’ is the first word in the People, Ponds and Water project name – our ethos all along has been that the best way to protect freshwater habitats is to increase people’s enjoyment, […]

28th February 2018

Burnham Beeches Ponds – what’s changed in 25 years?

Since our first visit to the ponds at Burham Beeches, there have been worrying changes to one of the UK’s finest ponds Burnham Beeches is a wonderful woodland nature reserve in Buckinghamshire. It is recognized and celebrated for its Beech and Oak wood pasture.  It also supports some great ponds and their freshwater wildlife. We […]

Flagship Focus: Brown Moss update

We first introduced the Flagship Pond site Brown Moss in Shropshire, exactly two years ago. Since then so much has happened at this wonderful site, we thought it was time for a little update The last few years have marked a significant change in the way Brown Moss is managed by owners Shropshire County Council, […]

14th February 2018

Celebrating freshwater wildlife for 30 years

It’s a special year for us… Back in the mid-eighties Jeremy Biggs joined an environmental consultancy in Oxford, run by Anne Powell and Roger Sweeting. Together they dreamed of doing something for nature conservation, and began to cast their net over the freshwater world to look for likely candidates. Ponds were an obvious starting place […]