21st August 2020

Skipwith NNR Pillwort update 2020

This summer, Anne Carter, our Northern Project Officer, once again teamed up with FHT friend and collaborator Dr Barry Wright to monitor the populations of the rare aquatic fern pillwort (Pilularia globulifera) at Skipwith NNR, one of our Flagship Pond sites in Yorkshire. Pillwort was once abundant at Skipwith, with a good population present on […]

24th July 2020

PondNet eDNA Monitoring for great crested newts 2020

In March we received funding from Natural England, to carry out the sixth year of our annual national PondNet eDNA survey for great crested newts. The lockdown meant it was touch and go as to whether we could safely carry out the surveys, which we usually start in late April and May, when great crested […]

The Newt Partnership: July 2020 update

At the beginning of July, prime minister Boris Johnson suggested that we need to spend less time surveying newts to speed up development and boost the economy, saying that “Newt-counting delays are a massive drag on the prosperity of this country.” But new data from a large-scale Great Crested Newt conservation scheme in the South […]

13th December 2019

2019…the best bits of FHT’s year!

There’s been so much going on this year that it’s rather difficult to pull out just a few highlights. We hope this gives you a flavour of our year. Thank you for being part of it! Click on the link below to watch  the video!

28th November 2019

Flourishing Freshwater Friends Group at Stow Bedon Common

In 2019 a grant from Anglian Water’s Flourishing Environment Fund was awarded to help us engage with the wider public and highlight the importance of Stow Bedon Common, as an important site for Freshwater Biodiversity, and one of our Flagship Pond sites. Building on the success of the work carried out during the Heritage Lottery […]

23rd November 2019

Upcoming Event: eDNA Talk by Dr Jeremy Biggs

Join us on Wednesday 27th November at 7pm for a talk by Dr. Jeremy Biggs: ‘Environmental DNA: Revolutionising recording of freshwater biodiversity?’  Freshwater Habitats Trust is running a number of projects using environmental DNA surveys, including the world’s first national monitoring programme using eDNA for an endangered species (the Great Crested Newt), and local sampling […]

9th November 2019

Hinksey Heights: Fen Restoration and Newt Conservation

At Hinksey Heights, on the edge of Oxford: we’re restoring alkaline fen, one of the richest and most threatened habitats for freshwater biodiversity and making new clean water ponds for great crested newts. The Oxfordshire Fens Project began work on Hinksey Heights fen in August 2018. We’ve focused on the management of rank vegetation, and […]