12th February 2015

Meet the Team: Research Technician

Here’s the first in a new series of posts where you can meet the Freshwater Habitats Trust team.  Meet our Research Technician Tell me your name… Anita Casey And your job title? Research Technician What does that involve? There are two elements: some field work to collect water samples, and the lab analysis. I analyse the […]

15th January 2015

World Exclusive! Glutinous Snail caught on video 2015

We have video of Europe’s most threatened snail grazing, behaviour no-one has witnessed before! The Glutinous Snail Myxas glutinosa is small, delicate, and rather cute little snail restricted to just one site in the UK, and threatened across its European range.  A small number of snails have been taken into captivity on a hopeful mission to understand it better […]

4th December 2014

Was that thunder just then, or a passing lorry?

Cat Stokowska reminisces on a summer with the Freshwater Habitats Trust The most vividly memorable day of my first plunge into the all-consuming existence that is ‘The Field Season’ involved a darkly grumbling August storm front worthy of the Discovery Channel. Being in a precarious position when the first distant lightning flash confirmed my suspicions […]

30th January 2014

Raising Pond Lovers

    Raising pond lovers By Becca Williamson, FHT’s Northern Project Officer There have been (many) days when I felt it was too wet/windy/cold/tiresome to go dabbling in that pool or this tussock.  But on the whole I am motivated to turn over that rock, or sit quietly to watch the tiny creatures making big […]

7th January 2014

Garden Pond Blog

Our director, Jeremy Biggs has been keeping a blog about his pond which you can view/comment on here.

12th September 2013

So long Pond Conservation, hello FHT!

Today is an exciting time for us as we relaunch as Freshwater Habitats Trust and kick off the proceedings with a boat trip up the Thames…. Our heartfelt thanks go to all our sponsors for our relaunch:  Thames Water, Waitrose, Hansons and The Co-operative Group. Thames Water has collaborated with the Freshwater Habitats Trust (then […]

11th September 2013

Toad rescue

British journalist and author, Celia Haddon talks about her toad rescuing exploits Dusk falls. The deer move out of the bushes to graze in the field across the way, the rabbits come out to play, and Caspar the village Bengal cat goes hunting up the road verges. Only the local buses and cars disturb the […]