30th April 2015

Mediterranean Temporary Ponds in Sardinia

Jeremy Biggs, FHT Director, reports back on the recent Mediterranean temporary ponds conference in Sardinia. Freshwater Habitats Trust has close ties with freshwater biologists interested in ponds, small lakes and streams throughout Europe. As an organisation we’ve been instrumental in helping to increase understanding of the critical importance of small waters to freshwater life, particularly by […]

24th April 2015

Meet the Team: Project Administrator for People Ponds and Water

Here’s the third in our series of posts where you can meet the Freshwater Habitats Trust team.  Meet one of our newest arrivals, Thea! Tell me your name… Thea Powell And your job title? Project Administrator for People, Ponds and Water What does that involve? I’m supporting four new regional officers that are based in northern […]

2nd April 2015

Easter Eggs

No bunnies here – this year, our eggs have been delivered by the Easter Snail! Rare snails kept in captivity have laid eggs for the first time. Work to establish a captive population of Glutinous Snails (Myxas glutinosa) began last year.  This interesting little snail, with a delicate shell covered in its jelly-like mantle, is now […]

26th March 2015

Water Saving Week: work that butt!

How you fill your pond makes a big difference for freshwater wildlife. You’ve dug a new pond.  You are imagining the splendour of it, wishing the months away ’til you can sit in the sunshine and admire the beautiful flowers, the intricate patterns of leaves and stems, and the constant activity of all manner of […]

Water Saving Week: what a waste!

In Britain we take billions of gallons of water from rivers, lakes, reservoirs and underground supplies, clean it up so that is fit to drink, and then convert it into one of the western world’s most abundant, and least desirable, products: waste water. Waste water is what comes out of our sewage works, septic tanks […]

Water Saving Week: why we care

What has saving water got to do with protecting wildlife? On World Water Day, and Water Saving Week, we challenge you to think about the water we use, where it comes from, and where it goes when we’ve done with it. The Freshwater Habitats Trust’s aim is to protect freshwater life for everyone to enjoy. […]

24th March 2015

Meet the Team: Technical Director

Here’s the second of a new series of posts where you can meet the Freshwater Habitats Trust team.  Meet our Technical Director and co-founder Tell me your name… Penny Williams And your job title? Technical Director What does that involve? My job’s quite varied – I help to develop our organisation’s strategy, and work up the […]