Protecting the best places for freshwater wildlife

Our priority is to protect the most biodiverse habitats from further degradation. We can then build out from the these areas, by bringing clean water back to the wider landscape.

We achieve this through practical conservation work to manage habitats and prevent decline. And, as the UK’s charity for all freshwaters, we have a track record of achieving recognition for the smaller waterbodies that have traditionally been ignored, but which are vital for wildlife.

Priority ponds

Freshwater Habitats Trust achieved Priority status for ponds. Now we’re leading efforts to identify and record the country’s best ponds.

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Pond with vegetation around and trees behind.
Flagship Pond sites

We’re supporting the long-term sustainability of 70 Flagship Pond sites across England and Wales.

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Aerial view of a landscape, including a meandering river and newly dug ponds.
Freshwater Network

To build the Freshwater Network we’re focused on protecting the best remaining habitats for freshwater biodiversity.

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