Response for Nature

13th October 2015

We are challenging our governments to make the 25 year plan for the natural environment really work for nature | Response for Nature

countdown-todayWe have joined 25 other nature conservation organisations to launch Response for Nature.  This report highlights the priority actions that government needs to take to respond to the parlous state of our wildlife.

Two years ago, the State of Nature report revealed that 60 per cent of the species studied have declined over recent decades. More than one in ten of all the species assessed are under threat of disappearing from our shores altogether. However, the report also illustrated that targeted conservation produces inspiring success stories and, with sufficient determination, resources and public support, we can turn the fortunes of our wildlife around.

The Response for Nature report sets out key actions we believe need to be taken to reverse these declines, and lays down the challenge to Government for what should be included in its 25 year plan on the natural environment.

The report reflects the collective view of a partnership of 26 nature conservation organisations and follows a detailed analysis of the views of 130 conservation practitioners from a range of backgrounds and areas, on what nature needs. It also outlines the role that conservation NGOs will continue to play in saving nature. Urgent action is required, not just for nature but for our own health and well-being.

We recommend that the plan:

  1. Include an inspiring vision for the natural environment and a sustainable economy
  2. Set Government goals for nature and natural capital
  3. Defend and implement the laws that conserve nature
  4. Deliver an ecological network on land and at sea
  5. Safeguard and restore species
  6. Improve the connection of people to nature, to deliver benefits for health and well-being
  7. Provide smarter financial instruments for nature
  8. Develop greener institutions and embed nature across Government
  9. Set five-year milestones with accountability to Parliament
  10. Support people working together for nature.

We welcome the Government’s commitment to produce a 25 year plan to restore nature but this must be turned into effective action and fast. We need this for nature but also for the health and well-being of the people of this country.

Want to get involved?

  • Read more about Response for Nature and the reports for England, N. Ireland, Scotland and Wales
  • Listen to this Response for Nature podcast
  • Share and retweet our messages to raise awareness of Response for Nature on Facebook and Twitter
  • Contact your MP or representative to let them know this is an important issue for you and fellow constituents
  • Contact the relevant Department and Minister asking them to take the report’s recommendations on board
  • Support us so that we can continue speaking out for freshwater wildlife