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Support us – help us deliver our vision of a thriving network of freshwater habitats

We have a very clear and simple vision of what we need to achieve to protect freshwaters and their wildlife for everyone to enjoy. Our aims are ambitious: We want to help stop further degradation of all our cleanest, most important, freshwater sites. We want to build out, to create a new freshwater network to restore the beauty and diversity of wetland habitats. We want to ensure people have opportunities to enjoy these wonderful places.

In recent years, we have worked hard to protect some of the UK’s most threatened freshwater plants and animals, led research on key environmental issues, and raised public awareness of the wonder and fragility of our freshwater habitats.

Although we’ve been busy – and you can read a little more about our work in our annual reports – we are acutely aware that the pressures on freshwater wildlife remain huge.  Water pollution is all around us and is having a dreadful impact on freshwater plants and animals. In the last decade alone, ponds in England and Wales have lost 20% of their plant species, while the condition of rivers has barely changed: ¾ of rivers are in worse condition than is required by law. In fact, all rivers in lowland England and Wales are damaged by pollution and there is only one lake officially classified as undamaged.

Like everyone who has ever dipped into streams, ponds or lakes, we see the vast difference between the weary monotony of polluted waters and the beauty, complexity and surprise of clean water habitats. It is this knowledge that drives us to want to change things.

You could help us deliver this vision.

We would be delighted if you could support our work to protect freshwater wildlife. We have achieved a lot so far and your support will make a significant difference to what we can achieve in the next few years.

You could volunteer your time to help us find the clean water spots across the UK or survey ponds for rare species. You could make a one-off donation to help with practical project work. You could leave a gift in your will. You could become a regular donor via direct-debit. There are so many ways to help protect freshwater wildlife for everyone to enjoy.