26th March 2015

Water Saving Week: what a waste!

In Britain we take billions of gallons of water from rivers, lakes, reservoirs and underground supplies, clean it up so that is fit to drink, and then convert it into one of the western world’s most abundant, and least desirable, products: waste water. Waste water is what comes out of our sewage works, septic tanks […]

Water Saving Week: why we care

What has saving water got to do with protecting wildlife? On World Water Day, and Water Saving Week, we challenge you to think about the water we use, where it comes from, and where it goes when we’ve done with it. The Freshwater Habitats Trust’s aim is to protect freshwater life for everyone to enjoy. […]

24th March 2015

Meet the Team: Technical Director

Here’s the second of a new series of posts where you can meet the Freshwater Habitats Trust team.  Meet our Technical Director and co-founder Tell me your name… Penny Williams And your job title? Technical Director What does that involve? My job’s quite varied – I help to develop our organisation’s strategy, and work up the […]

12th February 2015

Tales of the Glutinous Snail

Tales of the Glutinous Snail, and one man’s mission to save it. Our work with 18 of the most critical pond species in Wales has included establishing a captive population of Glutinous Snails (Myxas glutinosa).  This interesting little snail, with a delicate shell covered in its jelly-like mantle, is now found in just one site in the […]

Meet the Team: Research Technician

Here’s the first in a new series of posts where you can meet the Freshwater Habitats Trust team.  Meet our Research Technician Tell me your name… Anita Casey And your job title? Research Technician What does that involve? There are two elements: some field work to collect water samples, and the lab analysis. I analyse the […]

15th January 2015

World Exclusive! Glutinous Snail caught on video

We have video of Europe’s most threatened snail grazing, behaviour no-one has witnessed before! The Glutinous Snail Myxas glutinosa is small, delicate, and rather cute little snail restricted to just one site in the UK, and threatened across its European range.  A small number of snails have been taken into captivity on a hopeful mission to understand it better […]

4th December 2014

Was that thunder just then, or a passing lorry?

Cat Stokowska reminisces on a summer with the Freshwater Habitats Trust The most vividly memorable day of my first plunge into the all-consuming existence that is ‘The Field Season’ involved a darkly grumbling August storm front worthy of the Discovery Channel. Being in a precarious position when the first distant lightning flash confirmed my suspicions […]