17th November 2015

Protect nature reserves from fracking

You can help protect our most important habitats by responding to the government consultation on fracking. Fracking to extract shale gas could pollute and drain our most important freshwater habitats. We believe it’s essential that fracking is not allowed on protected sites – read our fracking position statement. You can help by responding to the […]

3rd November 2015

New Flagship pond for York’s Rawcliffe Meadows

The creation of a new pond will boost the wildlife of a nationally important Flagship Pond site at Rawcliffe Meadows this week. On Thursday 5th November a new pond will be dug at Rawcliffe Meadows Flood Basin, part of the Ouse Ings floodplain to the north of the City of York. Freshwater Habitats Trust’s Flagship Ponds project is helping […]

13th October 2015

Response for Nature

We are challenging our governments to make the 25 year plan for the natural environment really work for nature | Response for Nature We have joined 25 other nature conservation organisations to launch Response for Nature.  This report highlights the priority actions that government needs to take to respond to the parlous state of our wildlife. Two […]

15th September 2015

Putting nature at heart of plans for farming and water

Environment sector sets out visions for farming and for water in two influential publications Voluntary organisations have come together to produce ambitious visions for England’s farmland and the country’s water. Wildlife and Countryside Link (Link) – a coalition of 46 voluntary organisations – has produced two significant publications. Farming fit for the Future and Water […]

14th September 2015

Totally Thames Water-Blitz

On Monday 14th September Freshwater Habitats Trust is joining volunteers across eight counties in southern England to assess water pollution in ponds, ditches, streams, canals and lakes in the catchment of the River Thames. The aim is to raise awareness of the extent of water pollution, and find the remaining areas of cleaner water which […]

20th August 2015

Important Freshwater Area pilot is underway

An Important Freshwater Area pilot begins in Oxfordshire this month to help protect and extend the most important sites for freshwater wildlife. Important Freshwater Areas are parts of the landscape with concentrations of vulnerable and endangered freshwater species, and high quality freshwater habitats. This pilot project, run by the Freshwater Habitats Trust and the River Thame Conservation Trust, has […]

13th July 2015

Protecting native amphibians from invasive disease

A newly-discovered species of chytrid fungal disease that can infect and kill a wide range of newts and salamanders has become established in a few wild amphibian populations in parts of Europe. The fungus, called Batrachochytrium salamandrivorans (B.sal), is causing devastating population declines. It is thought to be spread internationally by the amphibian trade and unless all concerned (pet […]