21st September 2015

Meet the Team: River Thame Catchment Partnership Officer

Meet another member of our team, Andrew, who works with the Catchment Partnership for the River Thame catchment to improve the freshwater environment for wildlife and people Tell me your name… Andrew Callender And your job title? River Thame Project Officer What does that involve? I’m the lead in the River Thame Catchment Partnership project, and […]

The Last Stand? Re-discovering Tubular Water-dropwort – PondNet

People, Ponds & Water Officer Pete Case describes how PondNet surveys have led to the re-discovery of a rare plant in the West Midlands It’s a Friday morning in early September and I’m in a suburb of the Black Country not far from Wolverhampton, on the hunt for a rare wetland plant. It’s perhaps not the first […]

27th August 2015

Meet the team: Communications Officer

Here’s the latest in our series of posts where you can meet the Freshwater Habitats Trust team.  Meet our Communications Officer: Tell me your name… Becca Williamson And your job title? Communications Officer What does that involve? It means I take the lead in how we tell our story. I look after the tools we use […]

24th August 2015

Introducing the Flagship Ponds Project

Many of our nation’s most beautiful and biodiverse waterbodies have degraded irrevocably. It is critically important that the remaining sites are well protected. Flagship Ponds are the very best of Britain’s Priority Ponds: sites of national importance because of the threatened species or communities they support. We are now six months into a 3 year project […]

30th July 2015

Save Our Waters: take action now

Earlier this year, we asked you to respond to the Government’s consultation on draft River Basin Management Plans, in the Save Our Waters campaign. Now it’s time to make sure the Secretary of State hears our concerns about the issues facing our freshwaters. The River Basin Management Plans will dictate how your local freshwaters will be […]

Auspicious start for PondNet bodes well for future pond monitoring

PondNet is off to an auspicious start – our vision of a national pond monitoring programme is becoming a reality. PondNet is a volunteer-based survey collecting information about trends in pond quality and pond species, including uncommon plants and animals. We ran trials in a few counties in England in 2012-14, and we are now rolling the […]

Small Water Bodies at SEFS9

Jeremy reports back from the July 2015 Symposium for European Freshwater Sciences held this year in Geneva, where he led a session on small water bodies Over 600 people involved in freshwater science from all over Europe (and a few from other parts of the world too) got together in Geneva in early July for […]