Round-fruited Rush

Juncus compressus

This rush is vulnerable in Oxford.


The Round-fruited Rush is a shortly rhizomatous, loosely tufted perennial herb. From May to July, their flowers bloom and cluster near the top of its slender, round stem. The flowers show brown pedals with a green and white midrib. They also have narrow, flattened leaves that can grow up to 35cm. 

These plants can be found near the coast and in brackish conditions, it’s here they can often be mistaken for Salt Marsh rushes (J. Gerardii) which have larger flowers. 


Round-fruited Rush is often found growing close to open water in sand and gravel rich soils. It also grows in marshes, degraded fens, seasonally wet fields and pastures.  

Distribution and threats

Round fruited rushRare in Wales and Scotland, it is widely spread, but localised, in southern, eastern, central and northwest England. Uncommon in Oxford, it can be found in several locations near the River Thame and River Ray. 

Land drainage of permanent pastures are a real threat to this plant. Round-Fruited Rush is classed as vulnerable in England and is in the Oxford Rare Plant Register.