Creeping Marshwort

Helosciadium repens

Oxford is one of three places in the UK where Creeping Marshwort can be found


Creeping Marshwort is a small creeping plant which forms delicate white umbels. It’s simply pinnate leaves are arranged in 2-5 pairs and are shallowly- toothed save for one deep indentation. It flowers from late July to November. Be aware that the carrot family (Apiaceae) is a group of very similar looking plants, so you’ll need to consult a plant key to make sure that you have the right species.


Creeping Marshwort likes damp nutrient-rich, grassland on the margins of floodplain ponds that is prone to winter flooding. It prefers sparsely vegetated ground kept short by grazing.

Distribution and threats

Creeping Marshwort is now only found at a small number of sites in Oxford, in Thetford and Walthamstow Marshes. It is currently listed as Endangered in the Red Data Book for Great Britain. Threats include habitat loss, loss of grazing and lack of management.