PSYM Method

PSYM (pronounced “sim”) method

This standard method provides an assessment of the ecological quality of a site compared to ponds nationally. It requires basic environmental information including pH and identification of the plant species and /or invertebrate families found at the site. The survey methodology is described in the PSYM survey manual.

Please note that the method can only be validly used for sites in mainland England and Wales and the IOW.

Calculating your PSYM score Once you’ve collected your data, the PSYM calculation can be carried out by emailing us your data for analysis.

There are two ways of doing this:

If you provide us with the plant and animal lists from your PSYM survey and allow us to add the information to the PondNet database so it is freely available for others to see, we carry out the PSYM analysis free of charge. To do this you will (a) need to fill out our PSYM Proforma Long 2015 (b) ensure that your sites have been surveyed with landowner permission and that there are no objections to the data being made publicly available.

Alternatively, if you do not wish to make your data public, you can fill out a Short PSYM proforma and we can still carry out the analysis – however, there is a charge of £15 plus VAT per sample made for this service.

Please send PSYM data for analysis to Penny Williams: