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Monday 20th January at 7:30pm

‘What makes a wetland plant?’ by David Morris, BSBI Vice County Recorder for Oxfordshire.

South Hinksey Village Hall, Oxford, OX1 5AS (parking available directly opposite the hall). For more information and to book your place, please get in touch with Ellie Mayhew



Oxford City Waterblitz

Clean water, free from nutrient pollution, is one of the most important drivers for healthy freshwater habitats. You can use our free, quick and simple water quality kits to help us map water quality around Oxford. 

The kits measure the nitrate and phosphate levels – two widespread pollutants that can cause severe detriment to wildlife. We are particularly keen to engage with schools and community groups, but anyone is welcome to take part.

Email to find out more and order some water quality kits.

January to May 2020

Spawn Survey

Take part in our annual survey by recording your sightings of breeding frogs and toads.  The survey will run from January to May 2020. For more information, and to enter your sightings online, visit the Spawn Survey page.

eDNA Surveys

Check back soon to learn about upcoming eDNA survey opportunities.


Walks and Site Visits

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