Oxford WaterBlitz

We need your help with our Oxford WaterBlitz survey!

Clean water, free from nutrient and other pollution, is one of the most important requirements for healthy freshwater habitats.

We are conducting a WaterBlitz in Oxford to help us map water quality around the city. 

You can use our free, quick and simple water quality kits to test local waterbodies, from garden ponds to streams, ditches, rivers and lakes! Anyone can take part: individuals, schools and community groups are all welcome. The water quality kits measure the levels of available nitrate and phosphate, two widespread pollutants that can cause severe damage to freshwater wildlife. Water with high levels of these pollutants is usually affected by other types of pollution as well. 

Email eevery@freshwaterhabitats.org.uk to find out more and order your free kits.

Please enter your survey results using the form below, or send a clear photograph of your survey form to eevery@freshwaterhabitats.org.uk.

Phosphate and nitrate water quality test kits

Saving Oxford’s Wetland Wildlife Oxford WaterBlitz form

Enter your results from the Clean Water for Wildlife Survey. You’ll need to fill in a new form for every waterbody you have sampled.

Clean Water for Wildlife Survey Results

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Thank you for taking part!