Invertebrate families survey for PondNet

Invertebrate families survey works by collecting a timed sample using a hand-net. The sample is taken home to sort through carefully and identify animals to family level.



This survey is suitable for experienced entomologist who can identify pond animals to family level. We can provide training and mentoring if you would like to take some groups further to species level. There will also be guidance on our website.

The survey needs considerable time commitment. An average sized pond will take 40 min to 1 hr to sample, but longer if the pond is large. Sorting through the pond sample to identify animals at family level will usually take at least 6 hrs.


  • Look at our online information and download the survey forms.
  • Collect a pond sample using a hand net between June and September
  • Take the sample home in a bucket, and sort through the netted material a little at a time to identify the animal families present
  • Enter your records online.

Find everything you need to join in on our Volunteer Starter Pack and PondNet Survey Option pages.

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