Common Toad and Frog surveys for PondNet

Common Toad and Frog surveys find out whether frogs or toads are present in a network of 1km grid squares in England and Wales.

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The aim is to visit each pond in a 1km square in March or April, and see if frogs, toads or their spawn is present. This is an easy survey to undertake, and you can learn all the skills needed from our information sheet, and the online video. An average sized pond will take around 45 min to survey, but longer if the pond is large.


  • Look at our online information about amphibian identification, and download the survey forms.
  • Undertake a visual search of ponds in your square in March or April, looking for adult frogs and toads, and their spawn.
  • Enter your records online.

Find everything you need to join in on our Volunteer Starter Pack and PondNet Survey Option pages.

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