People, Ponds & Water

The People, Ponds and Water project is a national partnership working with volunteers across England and Wales to monitor, manage and protect freshwater wildlife.

Ponds, streams and other small waterbodies are exceptionally important for freshwater biodiversity, but many species are under threat, and the habitats themselves are poorly monitored and protected.

The People, Ponds and Water ethos is that, the best way to protect freshwater habitats is to increase people’s enjoyment, knowledge and experience of them.

The project is comprised of three overlapping initiatives and we’ve achieved a lot in its first three years:

PondNetWe’ve produced up-to-date information on the status and change of pond habitats and priority species, trialling new techniques which have opened up species recording to new audiences.

Flagship Ponds: We’ve worked with conservation groups, national and local experts, and passionate volunteers to protect and manage some of the most important pond sites in England and Wales.

Clean Water for Wildlife: We’ve generated the first ever data on the extent of nutrient pollution in all waterbody types across England and Wales.

Thanks to the unending support of our volunteers and partners, we’ve raised the profile of the importance of ponds for freshwater wildlife and put in place monitoring and conservation strategies which will help to maintain the best ponds sites for future generations.

For more information on the results of the first 3 years of People, Ponds and Water please download a copy of the project reports below.