Pond management information

As part of the People, Ponds and Water project, we are providing guidance information on pond management, free and available to all. Click on the links below to find out more.

Habitat Management Advice

Please click on the gallery links below to find out:

  • The value of ponds: Find out why ponds are important and why we need to protect them.
  • Pond assessment and survey: Ponds can sometimes be damaged by poor management. Find out how to assess your ponds to see if they need management or are already the best they can be.
  • What makes a good wildlife pond?: It’s not always obvious which parts of a pond are important for its plant and animal inhabitants. Discovering where wildlife lives makes management decisions much easier.
  • Pond management overview: Discover pond management myths and misconceptions, together with the principles that will help you make the best management decisions.
  • Managing ponds around trees: Is your pond shaded or surrounded by woodland? This detailed guide will help you decide what to do.

Species Management Advice