Flagship Ponds

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.…an HLF funded project that helps local communities and organisations to protect 70 of the most important freshwater pond sites in England and Wales, together with their rare and endangered species.

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Flagship Ponds are the very best pond sites in England and Wales; identified because they support populations of the some of the UKs rarest species and because they represent some of the least impacted most diverse pond habitats remaining in the country.

Many of our nation’s most beautiful and biodiverse waterbodies have degraded irrevocably. It is critically important that the remaining sites are well protected. Flagship Ponds are the very best of Britain’s Priority Ponds: sites of national importance because of the threatened species or communities they support. The Flagship Ponds Project aims to ensure that at least 70 Flagship sites are supported to have the following in place:

1. Enough information and knowledge to manage Flagship Ponds successfully and maintain their quality and key species.

2. An effective management plan.

3. Regular monitoring for key species and pond quality.

4. Funding to support management or habitat creation if needed.

5. An early warning system (e.g. regular site checks) to prevent inadvertent damage.

Where one or more of these monitoring and management structures is not already in place, Freshwater Habitats Trust can support activities which can help. Where needed, the project provides links to experts, training, support and financial assistance so groups can monitor and manage their own local pond heritage for the long-term.

The aim is to work on a bespoke basis, to support site managers and volunteer groups to best ensure site quality and key species can be maintained and enhanced. Ideally this should involve working with local people and groups (professional and/or volunteer) who act as a Site Guardian to monitor, manage and protect Flagship Ponds in the long term.

To find out more about our 70 Flagship Pond sites, click on the image below: