Getting eDNA test kits

Obtaining kits for consultancy work

Please note that Freshwater Habitats Trust does not sell eDNA kits, or act as a go between for labs. If you wish to purchase kits please contact labs directly.

Several laboratories are providing eDNA tests within the UK including ADAS, FERA, the Ecology Consultancy, Nature Metrics, Crestwood Environmental and Surescreen Scientifics. Users should be aware that in the absence of inter-lab comparisons it is not yet possible to tell whether other labs are achieving the same false positive and false negative rates as those obtained in the 2013 FHT work where the analysis was undertaken by Spygen.

During 2016 our understanding is that Spygen (in France), are not planning to undertake contract work in the UK whilst they await the development of an inter-lab comparison programme, to ensure that all labs are achieving the same standards.

eDNA consultants in 2017

Consultant training

Natural England rules advise that consultants collecting GCN eDNA samples should have received training in sample collection techniques.

To support this, Freshwater Habitats Trust are running short (2 hr) practical training courses in March 2017, focused around an on-site survey. Courses will be run by Dr Jeremy Biggs, lead author of the 2013 Defra study.

Oxford Based courses

Cost: £95/person (+VAT). To book please contact Jo on

Friday 24th March 2017 – complete

Thursday 30th March 2017 – limited space available

Bespoke courses

In addition, we are happy to offer a small number of bespoke courses in March or April 2017 at sites within a 1.5 hr drive from Oxford. Cost: £120/person (+VAT) (minimum of 5 people). To make an inquiry please contact Jo on