Clean Water Results

Clean Water for Wildlife is part of a Heritage Lottery Funded nationwide project to raise awareness of the critical importance of clean water for freshwater wildlife. We are producing a series of case studies which illustrate some of the most interesting results from our Clean Water surveys.

Clean Water for Wildlife surveys 2016 & 2017

Since the start of 2016 volunteers and staff have been out and about testing local ponds, ditches, streams, rivers and lakes for nitrate and phosphate pollution using the Clean Water for Wildlife rapid test kits.

Anyone can take part in the survey, and we’ve sent out kits to individuals and groups. The results were collected in a variety of different ways: as a one off survey; to find out about water quality across a particular site; as a repeat survey over time; or as part of a WaterBlitz.

A WaterBlitz is a time-limited survey, spanning anywhere from one day up to several months, to collect water quality data over a defined area. As an added advantage, it’s a great way to engage with a wide group of volunteers. The main aim is to collect test results from the full range of freshwater habitats in the focussed area, to discover where there are clean water (unpolluted) habitats, and to identify the main sources of nutrient pollution. These data sets can then be used to plan for effective conservation management.

If you’ve taken part in a survey, whether in a group or as an individual, and would like to find out what your results mean, please take a look at our ‘What do your results mean?’ PDF here

All the results from the Clean Water for Wildlife survey will shortly be available to view and download from WaterNet, the data hub for the People, Ponds and Water project. But, we are also producing a series of case studies which illustrate some of the most interesting results.

Want to see what we’ve found out so far? Follow the links below to the case study reports. We’ll be bringing you more results later in the year.

Case Studies

If you have taken part in the Clean water for Wildlife survey and would like to provide us with some feedback, please fill out our feedback form here. Any feedback given is gratefully received and will help us to improve the survey going forward.