North Bucks Freshwater Resilience Project

Identifying practical natural flood management (NFM) and wetland habitat creation opportunities in North Buckinghamshire.

Examples of biodiversity and NFM measures. Top left – clockwise: 1) Clean water pond creation to provide good water quality where wildlife can thrive. 2) Leaky dam installed along a seasonal headwater stream to hold back winter flow. 3) Leaky dams holding back water after a high rainfall event. 4) Flood storage area holding water on the floodplain after a high rainfall event.

Freshwater Habitats Trust are working in partnership with Buckinghamshire Council to identify and assess opportunities to improve the freshwater landscape across multiple North Buckinghamshire river catchments. The project seeks to deliver biodiversity net gain through wetland habitat creation, combined with flood risk reduction through the implementation of Natural Flood Management (NFM) measures.

The project will be undertaken in three stages over the next 12 months:

  • A baseline monitoring programme to assess the current status of the freshwater environment, enabling the success of net gain measures to be reviewed in the future: We’ll be surveying wetland plants at landscape scale across the whole project area and updating records of priority species like spined loach and great crested newt.
  • Detailed hydrological modelling of river catchments with colleagues at the University of York, so NFM delivery is targeted where the best flood protection for local communities can be provided.
  • Landowner and stakeholder engagement to identify and develop a series of biodiversity net gain and NFM opportunities that can be taken forward for future delivery phase.

These initial preparatory works will underpin a programme of practical delivery of wetland habitats (including clean water pond creation) and Natural Flood Management measures. The initial phase will ensure that works are evidence based and provide maximum benefits for wildlife and communities.

Over the coming months we’ll be looking to engage with local stakeholders and landowners across North Buckinghamshire to begin this process. If you are a landowner within the project area and would be interested in someone assessing the potential to implement these measures on your land please get in touch at

Project Area

The project covers a wide area across North Buckinghamshire, encompassing the following waterbody catchments:

  • Newton Longville Brook
  • Loughton Brook
  • Horwood Tributary
  • Claydon Brook
  • Claydon Brook (Downstream of Granborough)
  • Claydon Brook Tributary
  • Fleet Marston Brook, Denham Brook and Pitchcroft Brook West

This project is funded by Buckinghamshire Council.