In a nutshell, wetland wildlife depends on clean unpolluted water and space to breed and feed undisturbed.  We are asking visitors to take action and ensure a responsible visit to the New Forest – here are some top tips:

1. Leave no trace

Use suitable facilities for all your waste needs to prevent nutrient pollution entering waterbodies.  The New Forest District Council provide over 20 public conveniences across the Forest.  The website Pee Place locations is a useful website for nearby toilet facilities.  New Forest District Council also provide 1,300 bins for disposing of different types of litter including dog waste.  This map will help you locate Public waste bins click on ‘map features’ to navigate to the ‘waste and recycling’ section.  You can also use the map to find recycling centres dotted around the Forest.

2. Check, clean, dry

Check, clean and dry equipment (such as footwear, fishing tackle, kayaks, SUPs etc) before your visit to prevent the spread of invasive species, pest and diseases.  For more info check out Stop the Spread

3. Right activity in the right place

Paddle sports and swimming are not allowed everywhere.  Check these websites to find Bathing water and Paddle sport locations.

4. Follow instructions on signs and posters

New Forest organisations are working together to help visitors know where sensitive wildlife is breeding and nesting.  To prevent disturbance to wetland wildlife please follow instructions on signs and posters and plan ahead – know where to park Car Park closures

Bird Aware Solent – check out the short video to find out more on how the Solent is an important place for birdsShare our Shores

5. Stick to the pitch

Plan a great camping trip at a New Forest Campsites – wild camping and overnight parking are not permitted. 

6. On the right track

Access the Forest in a responsible way.  keep your dog under effective control and follow the Dog Walking Code.  Stick to the tracks and designated walking routes and cycling routes

You can download a copy of the Water Code here:

New Forest Water Code