New Forest Catchment Partnership

The New Forest is a unique and special place. Its freshwaters, wetlands and coastal habitats – the rivers, streams, ponds, lakes, bogs, wet woodlands, and coastal saltmarshes – are among the most important aquatic habitats in Europe.

The New Forest Catchment Partnership is a CaBA group, hosted by the New Forest National Park Authority and Freshwater Habitats Trust. We’re working alongside organisations, communities and stakeholders to protect, manage and enhance these habitats and the species they support.


The New Forest Catchment Partnership project aims to:

  • Bring together stakeholders to agree a plan of action for freshwater and coastal habitats and species in the New Forest.
  • Identify and protect the best clean water habitats for wildlife.
  • Target delivery, where evidence shows we can make a difference to manage, enhance, restore, protect or create new habitats for freshwater wildlife.
  • Carry out monitoring to assess which measures have been effective, and provide best practice case studies to inform future projects.
  • Work in partnership – within the New Forest, with cross-catchment partners, and with coastal initiatives to maximise gains for biodiversity.

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