22nd October 2013

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We are now in our second year of working in partnership with the New Forest National Park Authority and other stakeholders on the New Forest Catchment Project. The New Forest is an outstanding area for freshwater wildlife, with some headwaters and ponds reaching the very highest standards for water quality and representing near natural conditions. […]

11th September 2013

Pond Conservation is now Freshwater Habitats Trust

Freshwater Habitats Trust is launched today to spearhead the fight against biodiversity loss in Britain’s freshwaters. The Freshwater Habitats Trust will build on 25 years work as Pond Conservation, to bring a new approach to protecting our streams, ponds, ditches, rivers and lakes. The new Trust will place particular emphasis on creating areas of clean […]

1st September 2013

Heritage Lottery Fund success

Pond Conservation has received initial support for a £965,000 bid from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) for its ‘People, Ponds and Water’ project. Theproject aims to protect the UK’s freshwaters by involving people in survey and practical conservation work on ‘priority ponds’ which are home to the some of our most precious freshwater wildlife – […]

State of Nature

Freshwater and wetlands – our ponds, lakes, rivers, streams, ditches, canals, reservoirs, reedbeds, fens and marshes – occupy just 3% of the UK’s land surface, but support around 10% of our species. Yet, these habitats and the species they support are amongst the most threatened part of the natural world. In Britain, 80% of ponds […]

1st August 2013

Influencing National Policy

Protecting ponds by influencing policy – The National Ecosystem Assessment and National Environment White Paper In June 2011 the British Government published two major reports – the National Ecosystem Assessment and the Natural Environment White Paper. Both are important milestones in the way we think about protecting the environment and will have a big influence […]

1st January 2013

Great Crested Newt habitat report

Natural England releases the results from the most comprehensive investigation into the population status and distribution of great crested newts in Britain. The one year study commissioned by Natural England and carried out by Amphibian and Reptile Conservation, sheds new light on the status of great crested newts, but conservationists are concerned by some of […]

1st September 2012

Toads in amplexus – but its nearly October

Something unusual is going on today in the ponds at Buscot Park in Oxfordshire!! One of our keen-eyed supporters, Elizabeth Fever found all sorts of pond activity when she visited the National Trust property at Buscot park this week. Despite the lateness of the season, it is 1st October tomorrow, the unusually warm weather has […]