Ock Catchment Reports

The following reports and resources relating to the Ock catchment are available to download:

  • An Ock Catchment Water Environment Improvement Plan (‘Catchment Plan’) – please note this is a draft version; a full version will be completed in 2021. Download here.
  • A report of early work in the project area, when we were still called Pond Action. Download here.
  • A report on the Ock catchment, released in March 2019, on ‘Developing a vision for Natural Flood Management and ecosystem services in the River Ock catchment’. Download here.
  • Our presentation showing the first results from the Clean Water testing in the Ock catchment. Download here.
  • The Ock Catchment Partnership’s response to the Environment Agency Challenges and Choices Consultation (2020) can be read here.

In July, our Director Jeremy Biggs spoke about using eDNA surveying as a method to monitor freshwater biodiversity on Radio 4’s Costing the Earth programme. This was done in the Ock catchment at Cothill Fen and Rivermead Nature Park. You can listen to it here.