Save Our Waters: take action now

30th July 2015

Earlier this year, we asked you to respond to the Government’s consultation on draft River Basin Management Plans, in the Save Our Waters campaign.

Now it’s time to make sure the Secretary of State hears our concerns about the issues facing our freshwaters.

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The River Basin Management Plans will dictate how your local freshwaters will be managed over the next 6 years. We think there is lots of room for improvement on the last round of plans: we want to see more attention given smaller water bodies and the importance of reaching ‘high’ status rather than just ‘good’ status (which allows for a significant reduction in wildlife) in monitored waters, but that’s a tall order when it is a fight just to get freshwater high on the political agenda.

Save Our Waters Infographic

This is where you can help. Before the final plans are published in December, you can continue to shout about this issue and make sure we are heard. The idea is for people all over the country to let their local MP know about the issues the rivers, streams and other wetlands in their constituency are facing so this message can be passed to the Secretary of State. The Save Our Waters campaign have produced a toolkit with information about freshwaters, how to contact your MP, and suggested text to emails and press releases. Download and share the toolkit today and help Save Our Waters.

Save Our Waters download toolkit button