Protect nature reserves from fracking

17th November 2015

You can help protect our most important habitats by responding to the government consultation on fracking.

Fracking to extract shale gas could pollute and drain our most important freshwater habitats. We believe it’s essential that fracking is not allowed on protected sites – read our fracking position statement. You can help by responding to the current government consultation here.

The Government is seeking views on proposed surface development restrictions for fracking in specified protected areas in England, i.e. National Parks, AONBs, World Heritage Sites, Source Protection Zones, SSSIs, Natura 2000 sites,and Ramsar sites.

The consultation is asking for answers to three questions:

  1. Do you agree with the proposed approach to restricting surface developments in specified protected areas ((National Parks, the Broads, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONBs), World Heritage Sites, Source Protection Zones, Sites of Special Scientific Interest, Natura 2000 areas and Ramsar sites) through licence conditions? Do you agree with the scope of the restrictions to be applied in England?
  2. What would the impact(s) be on new and existing licensees if the proposals were adopted?
  3. Does existing regulation provide sufficient protection for the areas in which we are proposing to restrict surface developments? If not, what would be the additional benefit if the proposals were adopted (e.g. in terms of environment, heritage, landscape value, economic impacts)?

Take a look at the consultation document for more information and details of how to respond. The closing date is Wednesday 16th December.

Read more about our fracking policy here.