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22nd October 2013

We are now in our second year of working in partnership with the New Forest National Park Authority and other stakeholders on the New Forest Catchment Project. The New Forest is an outstanding area for freshwater wildlife, with some headwaters and ponds reaching the very highest standards for water quality and representing near natural conditions.

Other streams particularly on the edge of the park have been modified throughout history by the people who live and work in the Forest. These streams are likely to be exposed to runoff from roads, houses, industry and other pressures associated with built-up areas. These streams will never achieve the same very high standards as the water bodies in the protected areas of the New Forest, but we are looking for ways to ensure that these heavily modified water bodies reach their highest potential, both for wildlife and for the enjoyment of local people who have these streams at the heart of their community.

As part of the project, discussions on how to improve Magazine Lane stream in Marchwood have been getting underway. Local residents, community groups and the Environment Agency have met with staff from the Freshwater Habitats Trust and National Park Authority to discuss possible improvement plans for the stream, such as removing unnatural debris from the river, and large ornamental plants which can dominate the stream banks. We are also undertaking stream walkovers to identify local sources of pollution. With these changes, we hope to see an improvement in the quality of the Magazine Lane stream habitat and a greater diversity and abundance of wildlife.