Big Pond Dip – what makes a garden pond great?

2nd June 2015

We know that one of the best things you can do for wildlife in the garden is to put in a pond. But amazingly nobody really knows what you need to do to make a garden pond great for wildlife. The Big Pond Dip aims to fix that.

meg looking in tray webThis survey is now open to help us find answers to questions like: What’s the best size and depth? How important is really clean water? What should the edges be like? Is there enough shallow water? How much plant cover do I need?

Carry out the fun and simple survey of your garden or school pond and tell us what you find by filling in the online form. There are clear instructions and help with putting a name to the creatures you find. You will get a score for your pond to give you an idea of how good your pond is for wildlife and get tips on how to improve your pond.

The information you send us will help us improve the guidance we give on how to make the best possible wildlife pond in your garden or school. Hundreds of people have taken part in previous years, and they have given us some insights.

Time to get dipping!

If you haven’t made a pond yet, read our guides here.