Big Pond Dip

The Big Pond Dip – what’s living in your pond?

copyright Patrick Clement

copyright Patrick Clement

We know that one of the best things you can do for wildlife in the garden is to put in a pond, but what next?

This simple survey will allow you to do a mini health check on your pond, find out what is currently thriving under the surface and learn a bit more about what species you find.

You could conduct the Pond Dip on an annual basis to keep an eye on your pond’s health and to see with your own eyes the natural succession of a pond’s ecosystem. The best time of year to conduct your dip is around May – August, as this will be the time of year when most creatures are active and breeding. Have a look at our advice on how to dip for the best advice on where to find the creatures and how to view what you find.

Pond dipping is something that childhood memories are made of. It’s a veritable, underwater micro-safari waiting to be discovered at the bottom of your garden, village plain or school quad. So, why not relive those memories, or get the whole family involved so memories for a new generation can be made?

If you don’t have a pond and are thinking about adding one to your garden, check out our booklet on creating garden ponds for wildlife.

Once you’ve created your pond there are lots of other questions too. How should I look after my pond? What should I do to safeguard wildlife during the winter? How do I manage algae, blanket weed and invasive plants? We have information sheets to help address lots of these questions within our advice centre. Once you have completed the Big Pond Dip using our handy Big Pond Dip Form you can see what advice we offer based on the results of your dip.