Annual Report 09/10

1st March 2010

If you would like to download the Pond Conservation Annual Report for the year April 2009-March 2010 you can do so here.

In an exciting year for us our Annual Report explains…

  • how we have continued with the Million Ponds Project; creating clean water ponds to help hundreds of freshwater species,
  • how results from the Countryside Survey showed the shockingly poor state of our countryside ponds,
  • how our South Yorkshire Ponds Project has continued to identify Important Areas for Ponds and undertake management work,
  • how our very first Supporters joined the Pond Conservation family to help us raise pond awareness,
  • how we reached out to garden pond owners across the UK and asked them to complete our Big Pond Dip to find out what’s living in surburban ponds, and
  • how the harshest winter for 30 years spawned the Big Pond Thaw to look into how garden pond life had coped with the prolonged freeze.